Tim Hortons Menu with Prices in Canada [2024 March Updated]

Here are the latest Tim Hortons Menu Prices in Canada.


Menu Item Price
Iced Capp® CAN$ 3.26
Farmer’s Breakfast Wrap CAN$ 5.25
Timbits® Multi-Pack CAN$ 3.26
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cheesecake Donuts CAN$ 2.56
Farmer’s Breakfast Sandwich CAN$ 5.25


Meal Bundles

Menu Item Price
Farmer’s Breakfast Bundle for 2 CAN$ 18.92
Classic Breakfast Bundle for 2 CAN$ 17.54
Farmer’s Breakfast Bundle (serves 4-6) CAN$ 38.81
Classic Breakfast Bundle (serves 4-6) CAN$ 36.15
Family Bundle (serves 12+) CAN$ 40.41


Hot Beverages

Menu Item Price
Original Blend Coffee CAN$ 1.86
Dark Roast Coffee CAN$ 1.86
Decaf Coffee CAN$ 1.86
Steeped Tea CAN$ 1.86
Specialty Tea – Small & Medium CAN$ 1.86
Specialty Tea – Large & Extra Large CAN$ 2.3
Latte CAN$ 3.5
Mocha Latte CAN$ 3.5
London Fog CAN$ 2.91
French Vanilla CAN$ 2.56
Take 12 CAN$ 23.39
Espresso Shot CAN$ 1.74
Caramel Latte CAN$ 3.85
Americano CAN$ 2.56
Roasted Hazelnut Latte CAN$ 3.85


Cold Beverages

Menu Item Price
New! Biebs Brew (French Vanilla Cold Brew) CAN$ 3.26
Vanilla Cream Cold Brew CAN$ 3.26
Original Cold Brew CAN$ 2.91
Iced Capp® CAN$ 3.26
Iced Capp® Light CAN$ 3.26
Chocolate Creamy Chill CAN$ 4.08
Vanilla Creamy Chill CAN$ 4.08
Strawberry Creamy Chill CAN$ 4.08
Vanilla Iced Capp CAN$ 4.08
Mocha Iced Capp CAN$ 4.08
Iced Coffee CAN$ 2.33
Iced Latte CAN$ 3.5
Iced Vanilla Latte CAN$ 3.85
Orange Juice CAN$ 2.68
Apple Juice CAN$ 2.68
Chocolate Milk CAN$ 2.33
Milk CAN$ 2.33
Bottled Water CAN$ 2.33
Glaceau® Smartwater® CAN$ 3.03
Peach Drink CAN$ 3.03
Diet Coke® CAN$ 3.03
Sprite® CAN$ 3.03
Gold Peak® Lemon CAN$ 3.5
Gold Peak® Raspberry CAN$ 3.5
Strawberry Frozen Lemonade CAN$ 2.91
Hershey S’mores Iced Capp CAN$ 4.08
Hershey S’mores Creamy Chill CAN$ 4.08
Strawberry Watermelon Real Fruit Quencher CAN$ 2.68
Peach Real Fruit Quencher CAN$ 2.68
Freshly Brewed Iced Tea Quencher CAN$ 2.21
Passionfruit Tea Lemonade Quencher CAN$ 2.68

Lunch & Dinner

Menu Item Price
6 Assorted Bagels CAN$ 10.52
Sausage Breakfast Sandwich CAN$ 4.9
Harvest Breakfast Sandwich CAN$ 5.49
Harvest Farmer’s Breakfast Wrap CAN$ 6.42
Bacon Breakfast Sandwich CAN$ 4.9
Spicy Habanero Sausage Bagel Breakfast Sandwich CAN$ 5.49
Simply Sausage Biscuit CAN$ 2.91
Grilled Breakfast Wrap CAN$ 4.32
Farmer’s Breakfast Wrap CAN$ 5.25
Sausage & Bacon Breakfast Wrap CAN$ 6.07
Vanilla Yogurt Parfait CAN$ 4.08
Steak & Egg Breakfast Sandwich CAN$ 6.07

Baked Goods

Menu Item Price
Bagels CAN$ 2.09
Croissant CAN$ 2.33
Blueberry Donuts CAN$ 1.74
Boston Cream Donuts CAN$ 1.74
Apple Fritter Donuts CAN$ 1.74
Honey Cruller Donuts CAN$ 1.51
Old Fashion Plain Donuts CAN$ 1.51
Chocolate Dip Donuts CAN$ 1.74
Double Chocolate Donuts CAN$ 1.74
Vanilla Dip Donuts CAN$ 1.74
Honey Dip Donuts CAN$ 1.51
Maple Dip Donut Donuts CAN$ 1.74
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cheesecake Donuts CAN$ 2.56
Donut Multi-Pack CAN$ 7.59
Chocolate Chip Muffins CAN$ 2.09
Fruit Explosion Muffins CAN$ 2.56
Wild Blueberry Muffins CAN$ 2.09
Whole Grain Pecan Banana Bread Muffins CAN$ 2.09
Carrot Cake with Walnuts Muffins CAN$ 2.56
Raisin Bran Muffins CAN$ 2.09
Muffin Multi-Pack CAN$ 10.52
New! Chocolate White Fudge Timbieb CAN$ 0.57
Timbits® Multi-Pack CAN$ 3.26
New! 10 Assorted Timbiebs CAN$ 4.08
Chocolate Chunk Cookie Cookies CAN$ 1.51
Peanut Butter Cookies CAN$ 1.51
Cookie Multi-Pack CAN$ 7.59
Cinnamon Bun CAN$ 3.26
Tea Biscuit CAN$ 1.86
S’mores Dream Donut CAN$ 2.56
Chocolate Croissant CAN$ 2.56


Others Menu

Menu Item Price
400g Original Blend Coffee Bag CAN$ 11.69
400g Dark Roast Coffee Bag CAN$ 11.69
Dark Roast 875g Can Dark Roast 875g Can CAN$ 22.22
30ct k-cups original blend 30ct k-cups original blend CAN$ 23.39
French Vanilla Cappuccino 454g Can French Vanilla Cappuccino 454g Can CAN$ 8.18